June 2, 2018

May 2, 2018

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As promised in last month’s TREEO Newsletter, the following suggests our top 5 motivators to drive the change you want for yourself, for your people and for your community.

Just coming off her fifth call this morning, Jill, sponsor for the upcoming new Pay...

5-minute read

Listening is the unsung hero of communication.  But hearing isn’t necessarily listening. You see, we come to most conversations with an agenda.  Usually that agenda involves either being heard or escaping being heard.

Not to mention, it’s great orators...

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For this month’s TREEO Newsletter, we asked one of our close friends and collaborators, Makayla, to write a piece on something she’s passionate about.

We know the smile behind The Happiness Project is a social media and photography whiz, but there’s a less...

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