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We inspire authentic experiences

that strengthen organizations and elevate people.

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Looking for your

next big idea?


The pace of change is accelerating and shows no signs of slowing down. Businesses are striving to keep pace with new consumer trends and other disruptive forces. Our proven incubation process is a powerful way to spark change and help your business engage with employees and clients in new and exciting ways.

Looking to get the most

out of your organization?


Our innovative facilitators will help you crystallize the outcomes you want to achieve for your meetings, strategy, or team effectiveness sessions. We leverage a proven set of leading practices and techniques and through partnership with you, work through the areas that matter most to your team and organization’s success.

Looking to tap into

your full potential?


Helping individuals close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be can be a challenge for businesses. Our professional coaching employs a thought-provoking and creative process to help break through limiting beliefs and challenge individuals to think bigger. We inspire our clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.



Sandy Ram

Troy Kolish

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Matthew White

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Our Team

Sandy’s a communication, facilitation and change management mastermind, who also happens to be a professional coach. Despite his next-level skill set, he’s a profoundly humble and genuine guy, with an unmistakable passion for empowering his community. 

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Troy packs a unique and authentic heartbeat into every experience, especially when it comes to empowering others. Troy squeezes every last drop out of the moment. He’s known as TREEO’s madman innovator, for whom nothing is out of reach (except for his favourite artist, the elusive Banksy).

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Matt is the great connector who unravels the string around complexity.  To him, the future is not a set thing you have no possibility of affecting.  Meaning, he thrives in a constantly changing world - he is extremely agile and prepared for whatever comes his way.

Our Commitment


TREEO was born out of a desire to have a positive impact on our community. We pledge to give back a portion of our revenues to community causes we, and our clients, are passionate about. To show our gratitude for strengthening the community we feel lucky to be a part of, we also offer community values pricing for clients that are out there making a difference. Contact us for more information. 

Community Values


Our Community


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Some great people we've met on our journey. 


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