June 2, 2018

May 2, 2018

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5-min read

Purpose makes you work when others slumber into just one more episode of Netflix and keep trying when success shimmies and shakes in the distance. 

Purpose is your mountain top.

When you find purpose, you’re like a cat chasing a bird. You run over children, kno...

7-min read

  • Every single banana is genetically identical. This characteristic is called monoculture and makes the fruit vulnerable to being wiped out completely if disease strikes.

  • Organizations and teams face a similar risk. When everyone in a group shares a si...

5-min read

This guy! Beautiful outlook. Inspiring quest. Unintentional leader. 

Meet Jagjit!

When I was 16 years old I saw La Dolce Vita, a 1960 film about a man that lives the sweet life. Roger Ebert, a film critic, wrote that the protagonist is a man “Seeking happiness...

June 2, 2018

2-min read, life long reflection 

Balancing care with candor is a life long process that takes practice.  At times you might feel super wobbly during conversations that feel unnatural and messy, like you're walking on a tight rope.

But it's important to persevere. I mea...

We met Kim at a networking event hosted by the Regina Public Library.  

She inspired us with her vulnerability and courage!

Now she’ll do the same for you … enjoy.  

In 2013 I took a leave from my executive role with the Saskatchewan Government and had every intention of...

5-min read

Strange and impressive associations rise in the mind of a father who kneels to make eye contact with his young son.

Before their eyes lock, his thoughts of mighty kings and masculine warriors blindly establish the power associated with what it is to be a man....


Heard of VUCA? 

Or maybe VUCA has been part of your personal and professional journey?

VUCA is everywhere! For example, not a moment or day goes by without some headline or Twitter feed that signals to us that we live within environments that are Volatile, U...


Part 1: What is authenticity?

If you’ve ever taken any training in social styles or leadership development, you’re probably familiar with the language of self-fulfilment, self-realization, and self-actualization or in short, ‘authenticity’.  Said differentl...


Sometimes OK GO’s, The One Moment, gets stuck on repeat in my head. You know that hook – it's just so damn catchy:

And this will be
The one moment that matters
And this will be
The one thing we remember
And this will be
The reason to have been here

One of th...

8-minute read

“Your culture is your brand.”

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

“Your people are your competitive advantage.”

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

There’s certainly no shortage of catchy one-liners about workplace culture, is t...

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