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Sometimes OK GO’s, The One Moment, gets stuck on repeat in my head. You know that hook – it's just so damn catchy:

And this will be The one moment that matters And this will be The one thing we remember And this will be The reason to have been here

One of those moments: It was late January 2018, after we took our shoes off at the door, before we entered Humanly HQ for the first time, we new right away that this would be a moment that matters.

Enjoy getting to know the wonderful Human behind Humanly ...

Flowers. Cupids. Santas. Snowmen. Flamingoes. Even Queen Elizabeth with her trademark wrist wave. I own them all. Or do they own me?

My name is Angie and I’m a solar toy-aholic.

Special fun is when there’s a whole bunch of them shimmying in the sun at once. Like a symphony of Chinese water torture — only tick-tick-tick-ticks instead of drip-drip-drip-drips.

My latest acquisition: the Hula Girl.

Imagine my disappointment when I placed her in our south-facing window at the office and got nothin’. Not even a hint of a hip shake.

There was $1.25 I’d never get back.

A few days later, on my 44th birthday, my coworker surprised me with a palm tree plant. We placed the palm in that same window, and decided that our no-hula Hula Girl would look cute standing in the dirt. At least she’d have a purpose in life. So we moved her.

And then the magic happened.

Hula Girl began to hula. I guess she just needed a taste of home.

Have you found your palm tree in the sun? If you’re waiting around for someone to pick you up and plunk you there, you could be waiting a while.

I got so sick of feeling stuck, somehow I mustered the courage to plant my own palm tree.

It’s called Humanly Branding & Marketing. Our purpose is to inspire human connection to make the world a happier place. And since I’ve been feeling happier, all these wonderful people have been coming into my life (and into my business).

That’s no coincidence.

Hips don’t lie.

So, get planting.

Angie Hicks is Owner & Founding Human of Humanly Branding & Marketing in Regina. Drop her an aloha at and let her know what you think.

Thanks, Angie! We're honoured to be your friend!

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