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Candor Part 2

2-min read, life long reflection

Balancing care with candor is a life long process that takes practice. At times you might feel super wobbly during conversations that feel unnatural and messy, like you're walking on a tight rope.

But it's important to persevere. I mean, we all know that at sometime or another everybody will make a mistake at work; therefore, everyone needs someone to help them improve.

If you are or inspire to be a leader, make it your responsibility and your privilege to be the person who helps them get better.

That often begins with a candid conversation. To prepare ask yourself:

  • Have I invested in the relationship enough to be candid with them?

  • Do I truly value them as people?

  • Am I sure this is their issue and not mine?

  • Am I sure I’m not speaking up because I feel threatened?

  • Is the issue more important than the relationship?

  • Does this conversation clearly serve their interests and not just mine?

  • Am I willing to invest time and energy to help them change?

  • Am I willing to show them how to do something, not just say what’s wrong?

  • Am I willing and able to set clear, specific expectations?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then your motives are probably right and you have a good chance of being able to communicate effectively.

Want more? Stay tuned for a mind blowing article on Radical Candor in issue 9 of Comm|Unity Pulse next month.

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