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It’s not an accident. It’s on purpose

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Purpose makes you work when others slumber into just one more episode of Netflix and keep trying when success shimmies and shakes in the distance.

Purpose is your mountain top.

When you find purpose, you’re like a cat chasing a bird. You run over children, knock over the flowers, and dive through hedges to get the sparrow you’ve been trying to catch all day. When you get it, you sit alongside your feathery achievement, it’s like a spoonful of heaven or a sip of Bubble Tea and you can’t wait to chase that bird again.

Purpose provides new eyes, a way to see the world around you. For example, the humanitarian that lives inside of the pedestrian helps the homeless person huddled up against the side of a building. While others look away. Purpose makes the difference. For you. For those around you.

Purpose makes you do things that may look childish. That may seem silly. That may come of as strange. The purposeless wonder why you care or bother to even try. But here’s why, if the step forward is measured in inches instead of miles: purpose is powerful.

And it’s frustrating to live without purpose. But don’t get the wrong idea. It’s just as frustrating to live with purpose.

Purpose can make you impatient with others. A person with purpose can’t figure out why others choose to drift and be swept away into another sixty minutes of Netflix or the like – a distraction, an interruption, an avoidance to what perhaps their heart really wants from them. Beware the vampire draining power of expecting others to share or even understand your purpose. It matters not.

Disappointment with others can have a way of unplugging the life out of you. Like a one bar WI-FI signal. Don’t expect others to fulfill YOUR purpose. That’s exclusively for you. A gift either waiting to be unwrapped or digging to the very bottom of the gift box to see the gem that’s always been there.

The things you think others should do are the things YOU should do. Forget the drifters. Don’t allow the static and interference from the drifter sop up the purpose from you. Continue to allow them to hang onto their stick of kryptonite. Its not yours to hold.

Your purpose suffers a small death each time you wait for others. But you find purpose when you meet a need. Pay attention to the unlocking of an internal harmony that you’ll feel, even if its just there for a second. This is your red X on your treasure map. Now dig and pull up what’s been there all along.

Live your purpose imperfectly everyday. Meet the need at hand. Never mind that others don’t see what you see. The most important thing is you see it.

You will never find the big purpose of life if you don’t meet small needs every day. Purpose emerges as you serve, never before.

Don’t ask, “Why can’t I do more or be better or be just like that person over there?” Ask instead, “What could I do right now to bring advantage to others?”; “Where does the world, my family, my community, myself need me right now and how can I best serve?” What does having purpose do for you? For the people around you?

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