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The Basement Rocker

What makes a happy life?

If you’re like us, and probably lots of other folks as well, this is something you think about often. Our friend, Prairie Mountain Man, has it figured out.

This is a story about his journey to find the answer.

To understand this story, you need to know one thing about the Man behind the Prairie Mountain, Braden McKay.

Braden is one of the kindest and most helpful people you’ll ever meet. He rarely says “no”, and you can always count on him for a favor. Now these are great qualities – we don’t subscribe to the belief that nice guys (or gals) finish last. Nice people are our kind of people. But without getting into all the detail, Braden found himself faced with a significant crisis. This had a significant impact on his sense of fulfilment, and as the saying goes, you gotta show up for yourself before you can show up for others.

For some time after said crisis, Braden had a hard time finding the power to tap reserves of energy, determination and courage to overcome and find his purpose. That’s when he started writing music. Slowly but surely, the fog that had obscured his mission started to dissipate. He started showing up for himself. His goals were again compelling. His purpose was uncoiling like the last 10 minutes of Law and Order.

Over the next several years Braden would continue writing music, and strengthening his why. Like the energy of light focused through a magnifying glass, Braden’s purpose was once again powerful. So lit in fact, that he started to engage others in jam sessions. And from his basement, Prairie Mountain Man was born. Today, Braden’s creating the best music of his life. To boot, he’s an amazing husband, father, friend, and professional.

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’ Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living. You see, it’s only when you know your ‘why’ that you’ll find the courage to take the risks needed to move your life onto an entirely new, more challenging, and more rewarding trajectory.

To put it simply: find your purpose and, to borrow from the almighty Taylor Swift, live your life in screaming colour.

Having trouble finding your personal or collective organizational purpose? Let’s grab a coffee and see how TREEO can help. Or better yet, ask Braden about his story at his next show! Because we’re super proud to call PMM a partner, and prouder to call Braden a friend.


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