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A Post About People

TREEO was born the same way I would guess many small businesses are: sitting around a table with a couple of good friends. For us, a compelling recognition that certain needs within the community are either being neglected or underserved is what brought us together. We didn't know what TREEO was yet, but we did have a vision: to have a positive impact on our community.

We've described TREEO as a consulting company, a term that Troy, Sandy and I grappled with. "Consulting" just feels one dimensional, and doesn't capture our mission or the impact we hope to make within our community. But, we didn't want to use some fluffy, meaningless description that would seem like an unashamed marketing play. At the end of the day, it loosely describes our business, and it's a term folks are familiar with.

But, to be clear: at the heart and soul of TREEO, it's all about the people.

While we use the word consulting to describe our business, it's important to us that you understand we're a "people focused" company. Let me explain. I've always loved people, and it's probably because I grew up around some of the best ones out there, in rural Saskatchewan. Humble, hardworking, and most important, unfailingly kind. If I had to use a single word to characterize what it was like where I grew up, it would be "accountability".

You see, when you grow up in a small town, it’s impossible to be anonymous or disconnected from your community. Everyone knows one another by first name, and Saturday night mishaps turn into Monday morning discussions amongst the coffee group at the local grocery store. Your best friend’s father might be your high school principal, and your first job is likely working for a family friend. Your lives are intertwined, so you develop strong morals and a sense of accountability to one another. You develop an understanding that your actions have consequences – good or bad. Because when you break a window playing road hockey, or you flake out on a shift at work, word travels fast.

And that's what we mean by people focused. This company, TREEO, gets us to the people. And it’s people that got us to where we are today. People like my Dad, Kevin, who showed what resilience looks like by raising my sister and I by himself since we were toddlers. Like Troy's Mom, Karen, who taught him the value of hard work, and not taking anything for granted. And Sandy's Dad, Suresh, who taught him that being generous is a gift to yourself as much as it is to others. TREEO's a newer venture, but I guess you could say that our three separate paths have been destined to weave together all along.

If you’re an organization with a vision to make a positive impact on your community, or are looking to do more of the great work you’re already doing, reach out to us at We want to grab coffee and chat about how we can bring our accountability to community in line with yours.

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