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Does it Get Any Better than This? 3 ways to discover your purpose.

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I stepped into the third puddle of the afternoon this past weekend. Shoes were drenched, sun was shining, and if I had a mirror with me at the very moment I’d see the reflection back of a big smile on my face despite my feet screaming back at me in a frozen terror. From out of nowhere during that Springtime walk I found myself asking ‘Does life get any better than this?’ My answer was a resounding ‘Yes’.

Things were a quite a bit different a few short years ago where a former version of myself would have certainly answered with a ‘no’. Things I felt at that time were good. I was healthy, happy, satisfied. Same for my family. Or so I thought. So, you might be asking, what changed?

A single and solitary inquiry was presented to me from a trusted Coach that I had been partnered with - ‘Where in your life are you continuing to play small and not honouring who you were meant to become? Where are you holding back on becoming the next best version of yourself?’

This inquiry came in hot and caused me to stumble off the firmer ground that I thought I was standing upon for years. It opened an uncomfortable door to examine how honest and authentic I had been up to that point. The powerful question was much like the snow and ice on the roof receiving the warmth of the Spring sun to create a thaw for flow to happen.

I wanted flow but was left with a dilemma and a tension inside that was just waiting to be uncovered. It was frustrating. The energy of the simple yet powerful inquiry was palpable, but I wasn’t sure how to get at it. Like the dill pickle that sits at the very bottom of the jar. The fork can see it but just can’t reach it. That was me.

I spent the next 2 weeks musing and reflecting on how to honour and commit to a more authentic self and untether the life that my inner adolescence wanted so desperately for me to act on. The simple things that brought joy to myself and to others. The spots in my being that had been locked away into the corners of my own darkness that were calling out for attention, but I wasn’t willing to hear or was too busy just being satisfied with ‘things are good, why disrupt a good thing’ type beliefs.

I became centered over those weeks on what I was passionate about. I had read that the meaning of passionate in its inherent roots defines itself as a suffering within oneself. Where was I feeling this slow burn and what was it suggesting to me? Within the passion lived something even more powerful – purpose. A treasure just waiting to be found.

The following are some of the questions that I wrote down and directed myself to be 100% honest in responding to a few years back. Shared here in an attempt, or perhaps an invitation, for you to examine and check yourself against your responses.

Here’s a bigger clue to inspire your review. When you’re engaged in your passion, time and space don’t have any hooks into you. You’re free. Some call it ‘being in the zone’ or in a ‘state of flow’. No effort, no rules, just pleasure.

So, here’s the big question: how do we find our passion? I believe it’s much easier than you may think…

To start, call off the search! When we’re searching for something that we feel is missing, our vibration is often one of lack.

From a place of lack, we approach opportunities with agendas, attachments, and expectations. And we’re so busy or consumed evaluating every experience that we forget to really engage in it. We get caught up in our own heads and sometimes get in our own way. To just notice and to listen are the tools for your toolkit here.

Operate from a place of abundance vs lack or scarcity. Temporarily hold a belief that there’s enough to go around.

During the experiences ask: “Is this it? Is this my passion?”

Secondly, start noticing. ​Just simply noticing with no judgement or evaluation, and follow these interests.

What are you curious about? What do you find intriguing?

What did you find fun when you were a child or teenager? That’s often a clue. Maybe playing a musical instrument? Participating in a school team? Or singing? This list goes on…

Explore those things. But do it for fun. Without the above agendas, or attachments.

And thirdly, be open to new experiences.

If you haven’t yet found your passion(s) or purpose, it’s maybe not yet in the current reality, but that shouldn’t slow or stop you from leaning towards what new experiences you may encounter and learn from.

What I found helpful during this period of discovery was to be courageous, adventurous, curious. And say yes to invitations and opportunities even if you think you’re too busy or that you’re a novice or a skillful master in whatever domain may be in front of you. Just say yes. I promise surprises await you and will show up in the forms of your own growth, learning and the igniting of a passion that you didn’t currently think you had.

The above inquiries that I asked myself showed up in the most unlikely of places – an introductory drawing class. It was in studio, pencil was to paper and time and space had gone on a longer coffee break. Vulnerability and authenticity rose as my public shield/persona dropped. Liberating, freedom, creativity all emerged in that moment. A better version of myself appeared and translated itself through the pencil and onto the white paper. A clumsy drawing began to appear and so did the bigger smile – a door had opened that gently nudged me to move away from playing small.

When someone comes up to you and asks how you do what you do, you can respond with ‘living on purpose, driven by passion’. When presented with the question ‘does life get any better than this?’ They’ll know your answer from your smile.

Drop us a comment below if you’d like to share where your purpose makes a difference in your life or within your community. We’d love to hear from you!

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