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There is nothing to do here!

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Did you know that TREEO was a proud partner of the amazing TEDx Central Library event?

TEDx featured a selection of local, Regina speakers presenting original talks. But how did we get involved? Well, it was simple, the organizer is a friend!

Without further ado, meet Megan!

There is nothing to do here ...

This phrase is something that hangs over a lot of us as we grow up. That feeling that there isn’t anything going on that fits our needs, our wants or interests. That feeling that we don’t have a place. That feeling that makes people move away with a negative perception of where they grew up.

I am guilty of thinking our city has nothing going on and I did consider leaving but, I stayed. I have built my life here and ironically enough, in my professional life, I am now tasked with creating things for people in our city to do. I now spend my day hoping to show people how much there is to do in our beautiful city.

I am the Events Coordinator for Regina Public Library. A library is truly amazing – a gathering place where people and ideas meet. I plan events where people come together to create connections, to learn, to share and to benefit from the collective knowledge in our community.

I plan celebrations of International Women’s Day, International Literacy Day and Family Literacy Day. I am the organizer of our annual TEDx event and the creator of a celebrity book club. We host free symphony concerts and convene conversations about issues impacting our community. Our library branches are dynamic spaces where there is always something going on. I feel energized and fulfilled doing this work, and proud to play a part in combating the “nothing to do here” idea.

One of my favourite things about event planning is watching a space fill up with people ready to experience something that I planned with them in mind. It’s what keeps me going but it comes at a cost. Anyone who has ever planned any sort of gathering from a concert to picnic is familiar with the question – will anyone show up? This feels especially daunting in a city filled with people who also think there is nothing to do so they aren’t looking to show up to anything. I think a lot about this and how we can work together to take stress off the people planning the events and how we can change our own behaviour.

Since I started on my event planning journey, I make a strong effort to attend things happening in the city, which I think of as event karma. If I am going to ask people to come to my events, the least I can do is go to theirs. I see this as the first step – get out there! Take a risk, try something new, go somewhere you haven’t been before. Support a local band, author or chef. Gather a group and be the crowd that fills the venue and lifts the weight from the event planner’s shoulders.

Next, we need to celebrate our success – both in the planning and the attending of events in the city. Tell people about your amazing night out. Email the organizer to let them know what you thought and that you can’t wait to see what they do next. Success is measured in many ways, and as an organizer, if I make a positive impact on even one person, I call that a win.

Finally, we need to spread the word. This city is alive with opportunities to celebrate, learn and connect. Tell your friends and family if you hear about something they might be interested in. This can also work if you can’t actually make it to the event - share it on social media, tell your network it looks like a good time and ask them to tell you about it after.

As I experience this city as an event planner and as an event attendee, I am happy that I ignored the “nothing to do here” mindset and stayed in Regina. I feel privileged to play a role in supporting our amazing community by providing a platform to share and a place to learn. It’s up to each of us to shift our perception, take action and take advantage of the opportunities available to us. Make plans, gather together, celebrate, connect and tell your friends.

Thanks, Megan!

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